Margaret began exploring photography as a creative hobby in 2004 and is completely self-taught photographically and in post-production editing/printing.  After a varied career in accounting and aesthetics, she decided to focus on photography full time in 2007.  Her early ventures included shooting weddings, nature, portraiture, landscapes and macro but her perspective and creative interests changed profoundly after discovering the imaginative underwater works created by Howard Shatz (New York) and Zena Holloway (London).  She was enthralled by the amazing ethereal, flowing weightless quality and wonderful play of light offered by the underwater environment that no studio setting could ever replicate. And, since so few Canadian photographers were working in this medium, she knew there was a fine art niche here just waiting to be explored and filled.

Ontario doesn’t enjoy salt water (excepting frigid Hudson Bay), but is home to one-third of the world’s fresh water in its quarter-million lakes.  Unfortunately, most of these are too inaccessible, cold and lack the pristine clarity required for her particular style of work.  Not a problem, since the home she and her husband Rod have in Whitby, Ontario just east of Toronto happened to come with a 20 by 40 foot heated in-ground pool, a made-to-order ‘Studio’ ready for action.  Since the pool studio season is only during May to October in Ontario, Margaret spends the remaining six months of the year creating the costuming, props, etc. for next years’ underwater sessions as well as creating fine art composite images in her small indoor studio. 

Underwater photography is a distinctly challenging medium. The most important element of all photography, light itself, behaves quite differently underwater. The photographer, camera, subject, hair and fabrics are also in constant motion. Creating underwater fine art pieces demands  a special level of trust, amazing imagination, execution with exacting attention to detail, through to high-end retouching and final production of highly polished printed fine art pieces selected by the client to grace any home or business, all within a fun, relaxed, comfortable and safe environment. 

A unique fine art underwater portrait session exclusive to Margaret Hines Photography celebrates the breathtaking beauty of human movement and form by combining water’s unique play on light, its fluid and weightless qualities, with creatively captured imagery. These exquisite, ethereal portraits instill a sense of calm, magic and whimsy that is both timeless and uniquely one-of-a-kind. Her portraiture intrigues the viewer, while providing the subject with a very special personal experience to cherish. 

If you are interested in commissioning an underwater photographic session that caters to your individual needs while providing the utmost in service and quality, or a fine art limited edition print, please contact Margaret through the contact page.