When Life Gives You Lemons…During a Pool Shoot
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Monday, May 02, 2016
By Margaret Hines Photography
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Over the last few years I've morphed as a photographer toward shooting only fine art underwater imagery either as commissioned work or my own creative collaborations resulting in fine art limited edition prints. My 'studio' is now an outdoor 20 x 40 foot in-ground pool which, while heated, limits my shooting season to a mere six months of the year,  from late-April to mid-October. Given our weather here in Ontario though, the majority of my shoots occur June to September each year.


The remaining months of the year are then spent on editing the results from that summers' work, while also developing new storyboards and creating outfits for next years’ planned shoots.


So you can well imagine the scrambling I had to do when an integral prop didn’t arrive in time for one extensively planned shoot in 2015.  I had the model, the costumes I had redesigned or made myself from scratch, the makeup artist, BTS videographer and the assistant all ready to go on set when, 'surprise, surprise', my custom wig ordered from the U.S. failed to arrive as promised!!  It has taken me this long to post about this shoot since I wanted to first edit the images to have something polished to show you.  


That being said, everyone on set that day was absolutely amazing as we quickly pulled together a whole new game plan. My whole house essentially looks like the prop/costume department from a movie set, and it wasn’t long before we had a new selection of outfits, backdrops and props ready for the day, ultimately capturing some unexpected but truly beautiful shots.   


So instead of lemons and lemonade, I actually ended up getting some rather fine wine from the pool that day. LOL  My beautiful model Cherry, was truly extraordinary and as a result, I'm thrilled that one of the images of her from this shoot is being displayed as part of the Fleck Fine Art Group showing in downtown Toronto during May of this year. 


Beside all the costume design, sewing and other hats I wear, I normally also do all the makeup for these shoots myself.  But with all the planning complexities already involved with this shoot, I decided to find myself a makeup artist.  I met Pamela Price while at the MAC makeup counter last spring, we got to chatting and next thing you know, Pam was eagerly on board for this project.  She'd never done makeup for an underwater shoot before, but from the results you would never have known that.  Underwater makeup does require some special products, techniques and skills, and you should be prepared to pay the makeup artist for the full day, since makeup does need refreshing throughout the shoot.  It was wonderful to also have an extra pair of hands when it came to assisting the model in and out of various costumes or the pool itself.  


Here's Pam’s link to her makeup website:





Another hero of the day was my friend and fellow PPOC photographer Kristina Laukkanen, who spent about a day and half shooting BTS above-the-water video sequences for me. I still have to merge the video she captured with the underwater video sequences I also shot to provide a good representation of what actually goes on during one of these unique shoots. Stay tuned for the video….


Finally, I have to thank my wonderful husband Rod who does so much to make everything happen. He wrangles props, builds things as we need them, steams outfits, cleans and maintains the pool, prepares the meals for everyone on set that day, and many other chores. Thank you my love!!


Really all I end up having to do ultimately is just sit on the bottom of the pool lurking, waiting for the next great shot…..

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